Mom Speak – ReUse: Green is the New Black

With recycling, reducing & reusing being “in”, we thought this would be a great new way to think of freebies – “outside the box.”

Mom Speak – How Gimmie Helped P&G Donate Clean Water

Enter to win a $50 Gift Card and help Gimmie and P&G donate water with one click. A Non-Fictional Account of This Mom’s Attempt to Save…money, and still be charitable. Gimmie has teamed up with P&G Give to help provide clean water to underdeveloped countries around the world. Please click banner above and enter your email address. It’s quick and easy, and it’s something we can all do – even if we can’t provide financial support. And, you can do this once PER email address PER day!!

Mom Speak – Fun Family Free Days – Part II

How was your weekend? Here’s what we did with our free time. We made the free school bus pencil box at The Home Depot, picked up 4 BIG bags of clothes, toys and back-to-school supplies through our local Freecycle group, and then went to mall for all the in-store freebies: BORDERS Glitter Ball toy, Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss lotion, Aveda Haircare 3-pack sample, Sephora inside JC Penney samples (we got philosophy hope in a jar and Murad Clarifying Mask because they were out of Bare Escentuals mineral makeup and they’ll give you a free sample no matter what!) On the way home we stopped at McDonald’s for free Frappes and Smoothies! All total we spent ZERO and had a BLAST!

Mom Speak – Fun Family Free Days

Fun Stuff to do with your Free Time!! A Non-Fictional Account of This Mom’s Attempt to Save…money on entertainment for the whole family. Just had to share how much fun we’re having on our “free” family fun day!! We started out at Lowe’s Build & Grow kids workshop. We had a great time making the schoolhouse model along with lots of other kids! Then we went to the Home Depot kids workshop. They were already out of the picket fence kits at 10:30, but the manager was so nice! She let my daughter pick out a free 6 pack of flowers! We got a wooden NASCAR model car too! Both Lowe’s and Home Depot give the kids aprons and goggles. So cute!! Then we went to Kohl’s to use our $10 coupon where we found and adorable swimsuit on sale for $10 – so it was almost free (cost less than $1 w/tax). We picked up our free comic book. And, we stopped by Costco for a few things we needed and snacked on all the free food samples (in lieu of lunch!!) By the way, I just learned that you can get stamps at Costco for less than the post office charges! I have rebates to send in, so I stocked up!
Now I’m blogging from the park on a free WordPress app. 😉 It’s beautiful, 74 degrees and sunny. It’s been a great “free” day! Hope your day was great too! Update: we stopped by the grocery store to use a few coupons, and rented a free movie from Redbox.