Special Needs Homeless Man – Update: Keep looking!

Special Needs Homeless Man – Update: Keep looking!

Today’s feel-good story is brought to you by Facebook, and some wonderful people whose concern for their fellow man led to his life changing forever.

UPDATE: it seems the first lead did not pan out and Sean in Phoenix is not Sean White. Keep using your power for good, and let’s help Sean find his way home. If you think you may know Sean’s family, please contact missing persons at your local law enforcement agency.

Sean White, a homeless man from Springfield, MO, was released from state custody on January 12, 2004.

It wasn’t until Trisha and her family befriended Sean and began bringing him food and blankets, that they realized he wasn’t homeless by choice. It seemed that he was lost. Being special needs, he apparently got on the wrong bus and ended up lost. He thinks he is from Springfield, Missouri.

Behold the power of social media! I love this story about a special needs homeless man and his special friends who are helping him get back home after more than 10 years. With all the hoaxes and spam out there, this is like a breath of fresh air for Facebook sharing!

With his permission, on February 19, 2015, she posted his pictures and story on her personal Facebook page and asked friends to share and help find Sean’s family and bring Sean home. Within hours this “Missing Persons” file was found. It seems that Sean’s mystery has been solved!


This is my homeless friend, Sean. My children and I have known him for several years and taken him food, clothes, and blankets. Sean is Special Needs. He can’t read or write and sounds like an 8 year old child when he talks. He recently told me that he is here because he got lost and can’t find his way home. He was on a Greyhound Bus to visit someone and got on the wrong bus at a rest stop. He’s been lost ever since. He thinks he’s from Springfield, Missouri. Someone has to be looking for him. He’s such a harmless, gentle soul. Please pray for him.


Source: Facebook

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