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No Sew Underwire Bra Repair {Easy!}

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No Sew Underwire Bra Repair {Easy!} How to fix your bra when the wire comes out! Check out this super easy, fast, 10-second fix that costs 2 cents!

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No Sew Underwire Bra Repair {Easy!}

Do it yourselfers, rejoice!  Underwire Bra Repair is easy and fast!

Ladies, we’ve all had it happen. You love your bra, but suddenly it turns on you! Wondering how to fix your bra when the underwire comes out? We have an easy solution for you!

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First, do NOT pull the wire out! When the wire comes out of your bra it renders it completely useless! LOL! Seriously, underwire bras without the wire are the WORST!

While sewing the hole that the wire made can be a good alternative, who wants to sew? Not me!

How much does it cost? Consider that buying a bra can cost anywhere from $5 – $150!  My favorite Victoria’s Secret bra was about $55, so you see why I’m so excited about this cheap bra repair! Those of us who don’t want to sew our broken bras will love knowing you can even buy underwire bra repair kits now. Yes, it’s true! But, why would you? Just grab this awesome product next time you’re at the store and stick it in your purse for emergency bra repair. I’m pretty sure one pack will last me a lifetime! You only need a tiny bit for each repair. I paid $1.47 for a pack of 3 sheets, and I bet you could do 24 bra repairs per sheet, or 78 total (which is about 2¢ per repair!) That’s a lot of saved lingerie!

So, here’s  how to fix an underwire poking out:

Next time you’re at the store, head on over to the department where you buy first-aid products (it might be the Pharmacy department – but the store doesn’t have to fill prescriptions to carry this). I found it in my store in the aisle with shoe insoles and bandages.  This amazing product is called moleskin.  It’s fabric padding with adhesive backing which is normally used on skin such as on your feet to protect tender areas from shoe friction. They sell it in different sizes, but I got the full sheets so I can cut to the size I need.

You can get the repair for free!  Sign up and get $2 credit, search moleskin and first order ships free too!

Now, when your bra underwire comes out, just push the wire back in. Then, trim a little piece of the moleskin, remove the adhesive backing and stick it to the spot. Hold it for a few seconds to make sure it’s stuck on well, and then go about your day!

That, my friends, is how to fix your bra when the wire comes out!

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