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That Most Used Words on Facebook Quiz is a Privacy Nightmare!

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If you were one of the 16 million people who played Most Used Words on FB quiz, you NEED to read this! Find out how to revoke it to protect private info

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That Most Used Words on Facebook Quiz is a Privacy Nightmare!

OH NO!!! If you did the Most Used Words on FB Facebook Quiz, you might want to revoke privileges to this unknown company ASAP. Don’t worry, it’s not a virus or malware, but it is granting a whole lot of your private information to a company we know nothing about. Chances are they will be selling information for profit. And you just gave them permission.

According to this report, over 16 million people have given up their private details about themselves on Facebook to a company they likely know nothing about.

When it comes to these Facebook quizzes, they recommend that you steer clear and avoid them to stay safe online.

How to revoke access and remove yourself from the VonVon servers:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click “Log-in” on the upper right corner of the page
  3. Click on “Unsubscribe” on the very bottom of the page and confirm
  4. Now, remove the app from Facebook
  5. And, to keep yourself safe online, don’t give access to future Facebook quizzes 😉

What’s the big deal?  This source says the app, like many Facebook quiz apps, is a privacy nightmare. Here’s a list of the information you gave them (if you played the quiz).

  • Name, profile picture, age, sex, birthday, and other public info
  • Entire friend list
  • Everything you’ve ever posted on your timeline, ever.
  • All of your photos and photos you’re tagged in
  • Education history
  • Hometown and current city
  • Everything you’ve ever liked
  • IP address
  • Info about the device you’re using including browser and language

All of that info in the wrong hands could open you up to viruses, hacking attempts, etc.

Your information could be stored anywhere in the world, including countries without strong privacy laws. Vonvon appears to be located in Korea.

Vonvon says it will not share personal information with third parties without permission, but just by playing the quiz you’ve technically given it permission.

Follow the steps above to remove your info, and steer clear of Facebook quizzes in the future.

Source: Comparitech

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