Make Your Own Gift Bags on the Cheap

Make Your Own Gift Bags on the Cheap

The holidays are here, and it’s time to wrap presents! I have tons of stocking-stuffer type gifts from getting free stuff all year that I love giving to family, friends and even my Postal carrier, UPS and FedEx drivers who keep very busy bringing me goodies all year!

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But, I *hate* spending upwards from $10 extra dollars on a gift JUST TO Wrap it!  When you count the gift bag, tissue paper, bow and card – it really adds up! Even shopping at the dollar store or other discount places is not cheap. And, I never seem to have enough gift bags. I even reuse gift bags over and over again, but I still don’t seem to have them when I need them.

Here’s my secret:  I stock up on wrapping paper after the holidays when they put it on clearance.  I usually get my gift wrap at about 90% off! I never seem to find gift bags at a very good discount though. Probably because other people snatch them up when they’re starting to close them out. So, I get cheap wrapping paper and make my own gift bags from wrapping paper. It’s fast and cheap!

Here’s how to make your own gift bag:


  • Box
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape or gluestick
  • optional: ribbon and hole punch


Check out the pictures (right >>) to see how easy it is to make your own gift bags!)

  1. Find a box that’s big enough to fit the item you want to put in your gift bag
  2. Cut enough wrapping paper to wrap the box
  3. Wrap around the box (do not tape TO the box), and close one end
    TIP: to get a nice even edge, fold over a little on the end of the cut paper
  4. Carefully remove the box from wrapping paper
  5. Fold ends of opening of “bag” and tape or glue to make a nice even edge
  6. If you want a handle, punch two holes in each side and lace ribbon through, tie a knot in ribbon (tie it together, or tie square knots that won’t pull through the hole)
  7. You can decorate your bag if you’d like!

That’s it!  Take care with these because most wrapping paper is very thin and flimsy. These are not to be used as grocery bags! 🙂  If you’d rather use a heavier material such as brown packing paper or brown paper bags, you can decorate them (or have your kids do it!) They’ll be much more sturdy.