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Make Cheap Wine Taste Like Expensive Wine {with this 30 second hack!}

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Make Cheap Wine Taste Like Expensive Wine {with this 30 second hack!} ** Why didn’t I think of that?!! ** Easy! Box wine, 3-Buck Chuck lovers, rejoice!!

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Make Cheap Wine Taste Like Expensive Wine {with this 30 second hack!}

If you love wine, but hate the high price of wine, this is the hack of a lifetime!!

I love good wine. I’m kind of a wine snob. In the dictionary, there’s a picture of me next to the phrase “champagne taste on a beer budget” (okay, not really).

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My favorite wines are Bordeaux, Shiraz and Cabernet.  Yes, I love red wine.  That’s why I am SO excited to tell you about this simple hack that will make your red wine sooooooo much better! 

Does this work in white wine?  Yes, but not as much. It did make white wine, blush and White Zinfandel taste better though (in my opinion).  What?  I like to be thorough! 😉

But, seriously, this is amazing!

Mr. Gimmie saw this on the Today Show. Several wine connoisseurs were given a blind taste test with $7 a bottle wine compared to $85 a bottle wine, and several in between. Each time they chose the super expensive wine as their first choice (I mean, let’s be real) but they chose the cheap wine as their second choice – every. single. time!

Wait… what!?

All hail the three-buck-Chuck!  Boxed wine lovers, rejoice!


You will be AMAZED.  This is even better than a simple aerator. This 30-second hack will age your wine 5 years.

How does this work?  Well, from my brief stint in Napa (I visited once), I learned that the reason fancy wine drinkers swish their wine around the glass is to aerate it. By making the surface of the wine touch more air, it helps wine release its vapors. Or, as people say, it allows the wine to “open up.” But, if you’ve ever left a glass of wine out overnight you know too much air is bad!  Aeration can help soften tannins in the wine which gives it a better, more aged taste. Tannin exists naturally in the grape skins, pips and stems. Red wine is fermented with skins on, so it contains tannins (which is why it makes your mouth feel dry when you drink it!) In normal conditions, tannins are released as wine ages. That’s why fine wine gets better with age. (And why it costs so much!)  That’s the short answer (like my memory – short!) lol

I have a few types of wine aerators, and I swear by them. I mean, I gave everyone a wine aerator for Christmas a few years ago. They make a huge difference. I have the type that fits in the bottle, and the type you hold and pour through (because, let’s face it, boxed wine doesn’t have a neck!) And then, I learned this… and my mine was blown and my life forever changed. (Can you tell I’ve sampled the wine?)  Hahaha!

To age your red wine 5 years in 30 seconds, pour your favorite cheap wine into a blender cup and blend on high for 30 seconds. Let the bubbles dissipate (that was for you, honey*) and serve cold.  Just to prove it to yourself, try a little taste of it straight from the bottle or box and compare.

So, essentially this easy, 30-second wine hack is adding air to the wine. That’s why it gets all bubbly, and that is why it tastes so amazingly good after you do it.

Who’s excited??!  >>> this girl! <<<

Try it for yourself and let me know in comments below what you think!

* What’s with the asterisk and footnote?  My husband has a few “big words” he likes to throw around.  hahaha:)

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