Make a Lollipop Valentine Card – Custom 3D Sucker Card

Make a Lollipop Valentine Card – Custom 3D Sucker Card

Seriously, could anything be cuter?!  I made these a few years ago, and they were a huge hit! Find out how to make a lollipop Valentine card using a posed picture of your child. Easy and fun, and super cheap!

How To Make a Lollipop Valentines Card


  • posed photo of your child, printed as photo or greeting card
  • X-acto knife
  • Lollipops


  1. Snap a photo of your child or children holding up a fist (as shown). It make take a few tries to pose the picture right. Take your time and have fun with it!
  2. Have the picture printed as a photo print, print at home, or create a custom greeting card.
    TIP: take advantage of some of our FREE photo print offers and just have pictures printed to use on homemade cards. Sometimes we even have FREE Greeting card offers. They would be a great way to make this cute optical illusion card.
  3. Once you have the card ready, carefully make two small slits in the card, with an X-acto knife or tip of a sharp scissors, on either side of the child’s hand. Slip in a lollipop stick and it will look like your child is handing out candy!!

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