Letter Blocks Farmhouse Chic Decor ~ Easy Dollar Tree Crafts

Today, I want to share this gorgeous set of letter blocks I made in just a few minutes! I got everything from Dollar Tree, and spent less than $3! You can have them say whatever you want for a classy, custom craft on the cheap!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am obsessed with Dollar Tree Crafts lately! Dollar Tree has gotten wise to us thrifty crafters, by expanding their craft section. Have you gone there recently? You might be pleasantly surprised. So, with Farmhouse chic being so popular, yet so expensive, it’s no wonder people flock to make their own. For example, Hobby Lobby regular price is $14.00 PER BLOCK for similar decorative blocks. That would add up pretty quickly! But, fear not. Because, you can make them yourself!

This was so quick and fun. I don’t have a lot of time to craft, so quick projects that turn out amazing are just my speed. This one was done in minutes.

I’ve been re-doing my bedroom in farmhouse chic. I’ll be featuring all of the projects over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. For now, here’s how I made these gorgeous farmhouse letter blocks.

Materials list

Of course, everything is from Dollar Tree.

  • 2-pack of small foam dice ($1 each, I used 2) – note: some stores have single large foam dice you can also choose
  • 1 bag of balloons (I chose white, and used two per block)
  • 1 pack of letters (of which, I used just a few)
  • Total = less than $3.00


  1. First, snip the end off of your balloon and put it on a die. Pull the excess balloon up and cut it so that the balloon lays flat. Repeat this, with the opening on another side. I recommend using the side next to the one with the balloon opening (that way you’re covering that up). I used red dice, but you might want to try yellow or green so the white balloon will not show color through. Or, you might want to try three balloons if you can still see the color.
  2. You can use paint instead of balloons, but it takes a lot of paint to get this foam covered! We tried that first and it was kind of a pain.
  3. Next, repeat the balloon process for every block you’re making.
  4. Then, choose your letters and apply carefully to the block. You can pull them back off it you don’t get it on straight. Hold the edges down for a few seconds to make sure they stick. Take your time!
  5. Finally, and optionally, you can turn the blocks and add another word. Depending on where you’re displaying them, you might want to leave the tops or sides blank. And, pay attention or you’ll get unfortunate results such as mine that made me laugh way too hard (rest home? really?)
  6. That’s it! Easy, right?


Pros: this farmhouse chic letter blocks craft is so easy it seems silly to pay a lot for premade blocks at a craft store.

Cons: There aren’t really cons to this easy, beautiful project. If I had to come up with one, it would be that I have three dogs and the balloons and static electricity did cause a few stray hairs to really attach themselves to the blocks. Not a huge deal, but again if I had to come up with a con.

In conclusion, this was a super quick, lovely project. It matches my farmhouse chic style perfectly and I love the versatility to be able to change it up for seasons, holidays, or whatever! Of course, it was so inexpensive you can’t help but love it.

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