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Lawn Tip: Natural Fertilizer | Secret to Greener Grass for Cheap

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Lawn Tip: Natural Fertilizer | Secret to Greener Grass for Cheap! Using a simple ingredient you already have. Get a greener lawn to fertilize your lawn.

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Lawn Tip: Natural Fertilizer | Secret to Greener Grass for Cheap

Caring for your lawn can be a bit confusing with so many products to choose from, and varying methods of care that are not always easy or cheap. Lots of lawn care products contain harmful chemicals that put your health and your lawn’s health at risk. But look no further…your answer is plain and simple. And, you probably have it at home right now.

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What’s the big secret? Sugar to fertilize lawn. Wait… what? Yep, the same good stuff you use to prepare food and drinks is perfect to fertilize your lawn.

Sweet, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Benefits of Natural Lawn Fertilizer

Here’s why: The properties of sugar encourage the growth of healthy grass and the depletion of weeds. It supports the diet of insects and worms as well as the existence of beneficial microbes (think: good bacteria) – all of which play an important role in enriching your soil for a nice, green lawn. It’s safe to use because it won’t cause allergic reactions in people or pets. Last but not least, it’s relatively cheap and easy to apply!

  • Increases the absorption of nutrients
  • Promotes the availability of nitrogen
  • Boosts photosynthesis for more vibrantly green plant life
  • Acts as a stimulus for plant roots
  • Betters the structure of soil
  • Increases the levels of humus (a combination of decayed vegetable or animal matter that contributes nutrients and water retention of plant life)
  • Protects against extreme heat, cold, and droughts
  • Fights off fungus diseases like brown spot


How To Apply

The application process is easy as pie! Ideally, you should apply to your once-chemically fertilized lawn several times throughout the first year when the weather permits. It will take quite some time to revive your lawn after being drenched with those chemicals that can disturb the growth of good, lawn-supporting microbes.

In other words, give it a while to do its job.

NOTE: you do not need a lawn fertilization spreader for this!

  1. Grab an empty milk jug and cut dime-size holes in the bottom or lower front, fill it with your natural fertilizer
    or use a juice container with a wide opening, a big plastic pitcher or a nicely sized mason jar
  2. Thoroughly shake out the sugar upon your lawn, paying careful attention to any brown spots
  3. Use a 5-pound bag for every 1000 square feet; applying more should not hurt your soil or grass
  4. Repeat this process every 2 – 4 months, depending on weather

You should have an awesome, green lawn before too long using this simple, cost-effective method. This is just another reason why having a sweet tooth (like myself) makes sense on many levels! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cost Analysis

10 lbs of sugar at Walmart costs around $5 or less.ย  That’ll cover 2,000 square feet, or a lawn that is 10′ x 20′, for example.

Compare that to Scotts Turfbuilder which costs $20 to cover 4,000 square feet.ย  That’s about double the price of the sugar!


Thank you so much Fun, Cheap or Free (and Laura Lee) for the fantastic tips and pic!ย