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How to Skip DVD Previews and Play the Movie | Skip Movie Trailers Hack

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Don’t waste 10-15 minutes on movie trailers that play before your show starts, here’s how to skip DVD previews in 2 seconds! Easy, fast! Wow your friends!

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How to Skip DVD Previews and Play the Movie | Skip Movie Trailers Hack

Do you know how to skip DVD previews (those sometimes entertaining, but more often annoying movie trailers that play before the movie you just paid to rent!)?

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Save Time! It’s happened to me a zillion times. I get everything ready, the popcorn, the sodas, the munchies. Set up the DVD and try to switch the TV from regular DirecTV to the Blu Ray player. And then, finally, we’re all settled in and BAM! We have to sit through 10 minutes of previews. It just happened tonight! We rented free Redbox movies and settled in after all the after-school sporting participants were chauffeured home, fed and bathed. We now do not have enough time to watch a whole movie before bedtime, but we’re going to give it our best shot.  And then… all. those. advertisements.

Save Your Sanity! I remembered seeing on Pinterest that you can skip DVD trailers, which I always assumed were forced upon you. Sometimes you can hit the Menu button, but that rarely works. Usually, whatever you do just brings you back to the same spot. It’s like they’re telling you: you’re going to watch these movie trailers, like it or not.

Take Charge and Be Someone’s Hero! The easiest way to skip DVD trailers is to simply press stop, stop, play.  It really works! You’ll be enjoying your movie in no time.  Try it at parties and amaze your friends! Repin it on Pinterest and you can refer to this helpful lifehack when you forget which things it was you were supposed to press. 😉


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