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How to Fix Your Phone Charger Cord Cheap {DIY}

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How to Fix Your Phone Charger Cord Cheap {DIY} Don’t throw your broken cord, repair it! It’s easy to repair! For iPhones, Android, tablets, earbuds & more!

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How to Fix Your Phone Charger Cord Cheap {DIY}

Do you know how to fix your phone charger cord cheap? You won’t believe how easy it is!  A special thanks to my brother-in-law Joe and nephew Dylan for being the brainiacs behind this brilliant fix!

Don’t throw your broken cord, repair it! It’s easy to repair! This easy fix works for iPhones, Android, tablets, earbuds, headphones & more!

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If you’ve ever had to buy a new charger cord, you know how expensive they can be. When a cord unravels you may want to fix your iphone cord rather than replace it. The name brand iPhone chargers cost $30 – $40 each, and that’s just for the cord! You can find the cheap phone cords for $5 – $10, but they don’t last long. I’ve found them online for free or a few dollars, and they seem to fall apart within weeks. So, what’s a lifeless phone to do?  Don’t throw it away, repair it! And, you can do it yourself. It’s easy, and cheap!

The first thing you’ll need to do is grab some shrink tube. Be sure to get the right stuff (see below).

You can do this BEFORE your cord splits, to avoid breaking in the first place!  If your cord is completely broken in two, you will need to attach it and that is a whole different skill level. I highly recommend doing this right away if your cord starts to come apart – or even when the cord is new to add strength so it won’t break!

I’m sharing my experience and what worked for me. Trying this yourself means you agree to take full responsibility for it and any outcome of you doing it yourself. Please use caution when working with heat and electricity. Obviously, the cord must not be plugged in when you’re repairing it!  Be careful not to burn yourself. You may want to use a needle-nose pliers to hold the cord when gluing and/or heating the tube. 🙂

Materials List – Stuff You’ll Need

  • You can find Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing at Home Depot (you can pick up free when you order online, or pick up at store – check availability in link) for $1.99 for 5 pieces.  Or, you can find it online at places like  Just be sure you’re getting the Polyolefin not Pex.  I used the 1/4 inch (shrinks to 1/8″) in white. That’s comparable to 6mm if they’re measuring in metric.
  • Super glue
  • Heat gun or lighter
  • Scissors

How to Fix Your Phone Charger Cord {works on similar charging cords, as well as ear buds, head phones, etc.}

Note: Cord should be UNPLUGGED from wall and device, and anything else when repairing it.

  1. Take a 1-inch long piece of shrink tube (the type and size is noted above, it’s important to use the right kind!)
  2. Cut the shrink tube up the middle, lengthwise so you can fit it around the cord
  3. Put the cord inside the shrink tube and add a small bead of superglue to the tube. Fit tube back together, slightly overlapping the tube onto itself. NOTE: you want the shrink tube right up against the end that fits into your phone for the most strength!
  4. Using a heat gun (or lighter), very carefully heat the shrink tubing until it shrinks down onto the cord. This does not take long! Do not hold heat on the tube too long or it will melt and could ruin the cord as well. Make sure to let the cord fully cool down before using it again

Here’s a time-lapse photo of shrink tube being applied:

 “Schrumpfschlauch animated modified” by User Smial on de.wikipediaOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 de via Wikimedia Commons.

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