How to Delete All of Your Excess Gmail Email to Free-Up Space

Gmail fills up fast, especially when you’re using it as a secondary email to sign up for freebies!

If you don’t have a freebie email address, I highly recommend you get one free at Gmail. For all my recommendations, check out this post on Getting Started – Top 8 Tips to Get Real Free Stuff

Here’s how to delete all of your Gmail E-Mails by Category:

Delete All Gmail Emails by Category

  1. Open your Gmail account
  2. Find the Search Box at top of screen
  3. Type in category:promotions and click the search magnifier to begin search
  4. Check the box to Select All
  5. Then, click the link at top that says “Select all conversations that match this search”- this will select ALL emails (not just the emails on that page). Note: this will not be an option if you have only one page of results.
  6. Click the delete icon to delete all (this may take a few minutes)
  7. Empty your trash (note: this will permanently delete all of the emails you just removed – so proceed with caution)

Other Gmail Categories you can search & delete using steps above:

  • category:promotions
  • category:social
  • category:updates
  • category:forums

Other tips for quick deletion:

  • To increase the number of results displayed per page on Gmail, click the GEAR icon on right side of page, then click SETTINGS and change Maximum page size: Show XXX conversations per page (choose a number up to 100)
  • To change which tabs are shown (or to remove tabs in Gmail): click the GEAR icon on right side of page, then click CONFIGURE INBOX and select – or deselect – the category tabs you want displayed


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