Free Access to High School Yearbooks Online

Free Access to High School Yearbooks Online

Free Access to High School Yearbooks Online

Want to find high school yearbooks online? I was bored one day, and wondered how do you look up your yearbook online? At first, I waded through dozens of dead-end sites. Where can I find my old yearbooks? I found this yearbook archive website and it’s free!

So if you need to know how can I find a copy of my high school yearbook? Head on over and check out all of the middle school or high school yearbook, or search for past crushes, old friends and more!

How to get free access to old yearbooks online:

  1. First, go to the website and find the location you want to search in.
  2. Optionally, you can register a free account.
  3. Then, choose your city, state and school of the free yearbook you want to see. Of course, not all schools have their yearbooks online yet. But, there are TONS of them, so check them out! If you can’t find yours, then try finding your parents, siblings or friends. It’s so much fun searching through them all.

I spent hours looking up my old friends, old flames, and even my husband’s yearbooks. It’s a great way to get in touch with your friends and classmates from high school! Perfect if you’re planning a high school reunion! Or, if you just want to browse others’ annuals. There are so many funny photos, portraits and even quotes out there!

I was a little disappointed that my yearbook wasn’t online. Or, should I say I was a little relieved?! I still have my yearbook, so it’s not a big deal to me. I was happy to find yearbooks for people I’ve known through the years, that I never would have seen otherwise.

Where to Find High School Yearbooks Online

After following the steps above to find old yearbook archives online, the first place I went was my husband’s high school yearbooks. I was surprised that they also have a lot of middle school, junior high and even elementary school yearbooks too! The old pictures were so awesome!

If it wasn’t for Classmates Yearbook Archives, I wouldn’t have known my husband was voted Wittiest in his high school! And, they had pictures of his very cool car, which he’s still known for. Since I didn’t know him back then, it was a chance to get a glimpse of what he was like in school.

About Classmates Yearbook Finder

Classmates is the online home for your high school class. With the largest directory of high schools and class lists available anywhere, covering 57 million people and including maiden names, Classmates makes finding your yearbook online, reconnecting and staying up with your high school class fun and easy.

Classmates also has over 200,000 digitized high school yearbooks available for you to view and share photos. I was able to find several old friends’ and relatives’ yearbooks online with it. It was so cool!