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Facebook’s New Newsfeed: See Best Friends and Favorite Pages First

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NEWS FLASH: Facebook’s New Newsfeed: See Best Friends and Favorite Pages First. Click LIKED and click SEE FIRST on our page, and never miss another freebie!

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Facebook’s New Newsfeed: See Best Friends and Favorite Pages First

Facebook announced a new update that gives more control over what you want to see first in your news feed.

Now you can choose to see GIMMIEFREEBIES updates first! It’s super easy, just select SEE FIRST after you click our LIKE button (step by step instructions below).

And don’t worry, changing Facebook’s new newsfeed is super easy!!

Don’t miss another free sample or free thing!

BUT FIRST, before I explain, be sure to follow GimmieFreebies on MORE than just Facebook to ensure you don’t miss any hot freebies, giveaways and deals!!  Click these links and follow us:  Twitter, Pinterest, GimmiEclub Daily Email, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+

Set up your new newsfeed:

PAGES YOU LIKE (Such as GimmieFreebies) ~

  1. On a COMPUTER or LAPTOP Go to the GimmieFreebies Facebook fanpage
  2. Click Liked button (or click LIKE if you haven’t already)
  3. Click SEE FIRST
  4. That’s it! Now Gimmie updates will show up in your newsfeed in a timely manner which may mean the difference of getting freebies or not! 🙂


  1. From an iPhone or iPad: Launch the Facebook app on your iOS device, then tap on the MORE button in the bottom-right corner. Scroll to the bottom of the menu, where you’ll find News Feed Preferences; tap on it. Click Prioritize Who To See First and choose your faves 🙂


  1. From an Android device: (coming soon!)



  1. Visit the group’s page such as our Free Stuff, Free Samples, Freebies, Free Things by Mail group
  2. Click JOIN if you haven’t already (please be patient, membership must be approved by another member)
  4. Click ALL POSTS


  1. Visit your friend’s profile page, such as my GimmieGirl profile
  3. Click SEE FIRST


The new “see first” feature is part of a revamped batch of preference controls rolling out to Apple iOS users July 9 and to Android and desktop over the next several weeks. – Source NBCNews