How To: Relief for a Sore Throat with Pomegranate Tea

How To: Relief for a Sore Throat with Pomegranate Tea

When the cold season is live and well, that means more people will encounter the uneasiness of a [mild] sore throat with the chilly weather. Fortunately, there is an easy, cost-effective way to get relief without cough drops or worse (antibiotics). The key is to drink pomegranate tea!

A Sore Experience

Honestly, I have struggled with sore throat quite a few times in the past. Yet now I rarely experience any irritation compared to when I was younger and just seemed to be more naturally vulnerable to getting sick. Having a sore throat as a kid just seemed like the worst thing in the world to me. Just swallowing my spit was a hard thing to do sometimes. Then eventually I got it again (within the last 2 – 3 years), but being the fairly frugal person that I am, decided to look for a remedy involving things I could use at home (preferably natural things). I did not want my sore throat to progress into something worse, such as strep throat, which was like a nightmare on elm street as a child.

A Sweet Remedy

While searching the internet, I stumbled upon an article from eHow titled How to Cure a Sore Throat Without the Use of Medicine. After reading through it, I learned that pomegranate naturally contains astringents, which fight off bacterial infections (and strep throat is a bacterial infection). The article also suggested boiling pomegranate rinds to make a delicious tea. I was definitely relieved at the thought of drinking warm, sweet-tasting tea over taking a cough drop, I tell ya! 🙂 I happen to find two packets of green tea with pomegranate (by Bigelow Tea) in a cabinet somewhere (big tea-drinker here) and was ready to give the advise a try. Find more information about the Bigelow Tea company.

Great Results

After whipping up a warm cup and drinking it down, I did experience relief fairly quickly. And the even better part: IT LASTED! 😀 I was a little surprised at what that little packet of tea did for me, including the fact that I did not boil any pomegranate rinds. That’s a big plus. Ever since then, I have not experienced any irritation on the level of my last sore throat. I never needed to go to the doctor for antibiotics because my sore throat never got worse, but disappeared overtime. Pomegranate tea worked for me, and I encourage you to give it a try! You can even add pomegranate juice to whatever kind of tea you like to drink (instead of using a tea packet like me).

More Health Benefits of Pomegranate:

  • Packed with antioxidants and nutrients
  • Decreases plaque build up in the arteries
  • Fights against the spread of prostate cancer
  • Can improve your hair, cuticles, and nails

*Please be careful with consuming pomegranate while taking medications. See your doctor for advise before doing so. Information provided in this article is not meant to serve as a substitute for real medical advice provided by professionals.

Overall, I hope that you find my personal story with naturally treating a sore throat helpful. Comment below your thoughts if you’d like!

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