Dollar Store Craft – DIY Cupcake Stand


Dollar Store Craft – DIY Cupcake Stand

I love baking with my little girl, and one of her favorite things to make is cupcakes! We don’t have any fancy cupcake stands, so I decided to head over to the dollar store, and see what I could find to put one together myself on the cheap!

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For this Dollar Store Craft, I decided to put together a pretty piece for holding cupcakes for parties, and the holidays! This is a great, quick, and simple idea for diy wedding serving dishes, diy party dishes, and would make wonderful diy gifts. For this DIY Cupcake Stand craft, drop by your local Dollar Store, and pick up the following:

  • 2 Glass Candle Holders ($2)
  • 2 decorative plates ($2) – Mine did not have ANY large glass plates, so I found these trays near the photo frames. You cannot eat directly off of them, so I plan to line with cut-to-size scrapbook paper, or pretty doilies before placing food on them.
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks OR Super Glue  (most have at home already)

Put everything together simply by adding hot glue around the rim of the candle holder (the top) Then, quickly center your decorative plate directly on top. Glue the bottom of candle holder 2 to the top center of dish 1, and repeat the first steps when adding on your 2nd dish. Now, just let the glue set! That’s it! I spent a total of $4 on this really nice decor cupcake stand!

Note: Do not submerge in water when cleaning. If glue comes loose, peel off the old glue as much as possible, and re-apply.

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