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DIY Cake Board {Uses Stuff You Have at Home}

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DIY Cake Board {Uses Stuff You Have at Home} Do it yourself cake platter? Sure! Make a cake plate out of recycled things you have and save money!

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DIY Cake Board {Uses Stuff You Have at Home}

A do it yourself cake board?  Sure, why not?  You can make a cake plate using stuff you probably already have at home.  It’s great in a pinch when you don’t have a better option, and frankly I love projects like this where you can repurpose things and little or no cost. I mean, hey, we love freebies! And usually a cardboard cake plate doesn’t get reused after having cake on it. So, why not use something you might have thrown away?

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I admit, this might fall into the “does this really need to be said” category. On one hand it might seem obvious that you can make a cardboard cake platter. I remember my mom, who is wildly creative and resourceful, making cake boards when I was a kid. It’s super easy and takes literally no time.

Save money! While shopping yesterday for baking & pastry tools, I saw a wide assortment of different cake boards. I was shocked at how expensive some are (at $20, $30 and up!) I thought about how easy they are to make and wondered, why would someone ever buy a cake board at that price?!  I mean, I get it. They’re definitely nice looking and not all are expensive. Obviously, for a very special occasion you might want something a little more upscale than my recycled cake board idea. But then again, with so many classy ways to make them, you might not!

How to make a DIY Cake Board:

  1. Find a piece of cardboard that’s larger than your cake.  Cut to size/shape desired.
  2. Cover your cardboard (see below for ideas on coverings) and tape to back.
  3. Turn it over and add your cake!  🙂

When choosing a covering for your DIY cake board project, it’s best to use something glossy. I used the back of a new poster I had. I remember my mom using wrapping paper. You can use the non-pattern side if it’s white, or choose a gift wrap pattern that fits your party theme such as a matching color or pattern, or classy wedding paper or birthday-themed wrapping paper. You can even use stencils and add sketches to your homemade cake board if you are so inclined. Another great way to cover a cake board is with colored or patterned plastic wrap (such as what you might use in a gift basket or to wrap fruit). If the plastic wrap is see-through, attach plain paper to the cardboard first and cover with plastic wrap.

There are many ideas that would make this plain old cake board really pop!  You could even get inspiration from a craft store that carries cake decorating supplies such as Wilton!

Obviously you’ll want to make sure your surface is clean before adding food to it. Avoid using decor that might seep into the frosting (such as paint or paint markers).

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