How to Clean a Glass-top Stove {What Works and Surprisingly, What Doesn’t}

How to Clean a Glass-top Stove {What Works and Surprisingly, What Doesn’t}

How to clean a glass top stove (glass stovetop). Find out How to Clean a Glass-top Stove {What Works and Surprisingly, What Doesn’t!}

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When we moved into our current house almost 2 years ago the appliances were all new. Since the bank that owned the home put them in, I didn’t have any say on what kind of stove they got. I prefer gas ranges, but the one that came with our house is electric stove. Not only that, it’s a glass-top stove. You know the type, they’re flat top stoves with burners that are even with the surface of the stovetop.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and I like the way it looks. Or, rather, I liked the way it looked until we used it. Once. ONCE! Yes, the first time I used it something boiled over and it’s been there ever since. Try as I might, I couldn’t get that burnt stuff off. And, believe me, I tried!

Tips for cleaning your cooktop:

  • Wait until it cools. Don’t try to spray cleaner on a hot surface. The cleaner evaporates and some weirdness remains that is even harder to clean than the mess you’re trying to remove.
  • As soon as it cools, clean it up right away!
  • Don’t rub too hard, the glass could shatter!

So, in conclusion, here’s what I found doesn’t work and what does. Let me know in comments below if you’ve found anything else that works well!!

Through trial and error, here’s what I found does not work to remove burnt stains from glass cooktops:

  • Magic Eraser:  I was really surprised and disappointed that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers did not remove the burnt stuff on my flat-top stove. I scrubbed and scoured to no avail. In other applications, I absolutely LOVE Magic Eraser (even the generic ones are magical!) But, it just didn’t work here.
  • 409 Cleaner:  I tried scrubbing, soaking and I might have even cried a little. Nope. 409 did not remove the crap from my cooktop.
  • Products specifically for cleaning glass-top stoves are great for regular messes but don’t remove burnt-on food or boil-overs. It does work to clean and polish a mostly already clean stove. But, what good is that? lol  From what I understand, this type of thing is good to use with the scraper I mention below.
  • Natural products such as baking soda, lemon and vinegar are great on cooktops. However, in my experience they couldn’t cut through the burnt-on stuff.

And, here’s what does work to remove burnt stains from glass-top stoves:

  • Razor blade or special scraper (recommended by your stove’s manufacturer). While this might seem a bit extreme, a razor blade can remove that burnt on stuff. But, you run the risk of scratching the glass. Stoves can cost $1200+ so that’s a big risk. I didn’t go that route and I don’t recommend it, but some say it works. Your stove’s manufacturer may recommend a special scraper just for this type of thing. Check it out!
  • BKF cleanser and polish.  THIS is what I recommend!!  It’s a lot like Comet or Ajax cleaner, but I tried them and they didn’t work. Bar Keepers Friend worked! You can find it in most stores or online at  Watch the video below to see BKF in action on my glass-top stove.


How to Clean a Glass-Top Stove

Watch as BKF wins this scrub-off to remove stubborn, burnt-on food from a flat cooktop!!


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