3-Tier Wall Trellis Planter ~ Easy Dollar Tree Craft

This super cute 3-tier wall hanging has three planters and two fence pieces. That’s it! For $5 and 5 minutes you can make one for your home.

This is one of my favorite craft projects ever! It was so ridiculously easy. Of course, once I had gone shopping it took me only 5 minutes to put it together.

Materials list

Of course, everything is from Dollar Tree.

  • 3 Flower & Garden (Fleur & Jardin) planters
  • 2 garden fence pieces (I got black)
  • Total = $5
  • optional: ribbon, flowers, floral block for positioning, etc., and I’ve seen people paint the planters which is really cute too!


  1. First, I set the two fence pieces with bottom ends together and then tie-wrapped (also known as zip ties or wire ties) them together using two small black tie wraps.

  2. Next, I used silver ribbon to tie the planter baskets to the fence pieces. This part may require two people, although I was able to do alone. Then, I used scissors to curl the ends of the ribbon.

  3. Finally, I hung it on my bathroom wall and filled it with goodies!

Pros: it’s so adorable, I love it! It was really quick and easy. And, best of all, cheap!

Cons: it’s not super sturdy and won’t hold heavy things. However, you could certainly connect the planters more securely and use it to hold things like blow dryers and curling irons.

In conclusion, this was a fun, fast project. It gives a feeling of accomplishment in just five minutes! And, you can change up the contents throughout the year for summer, fall, winter and spring, or even holidays!

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  1. Absolutely love this idea. Running to $ tree before they run out of supplies because I’m sure many will be using this idea as well. Thank you

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