2-Tier Stand Farmhouse Decor ~ Easy Dollar Tree Crafts

Today, I want to share this gorgeous farmhouse 2-tier stand Dollar Tree craft I made! Whether you call it a tray or shelf, this tiered display stand is adorable. It will add a fun pop of color, on the cheap, to your kitchen, diningroom or any room in your home.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am obsessed with Dollar Tree Crafts lately! They have the cutest craft things, and it seems the dollar stores near me have added to their inventory. I think they’re onto us! So, with Farmhouse chic being so popular, yet so expensive, it’s no wonder people flock to make their own. This gorgeous 2-tier stand took me about 5 minutes to assemble. While places like Amazon and Hobby Lobby are charging $50 or more, I made it for just about $2.00.

I know I always say this, but this may well be my favorite craft project! It was so ridiculously easy and fun. I don’t have a lot of time to craft, so quick projects that turn out amazing are just my speed. Of course, once I had gone shopping it took me only minutes to put it together. The hard part was letting the glue dry before adding my cute decor to it!

Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, for now I decorated red and hearts. But, I plan to change this up as the seasons and Holidays change. The sky’s the limit!

Materials list

Of course, everything is from Dollar Tree.

  • 1 pack stove covers (2-piece) = $1
  • 1 clear cake tray = $1
  • 1 plastic plate (sold as 6-piece set) = $0.17
  • 1 wooden stair rail baluster (I had these from a garage sale. I think they were in a free box, and I used only a small part of one)
  • Total = $2.17
  • optional: you can reinforce with other things, or use something more sturdy like a painted pizza pan and cake pan. And, instead of the wood I used for the middle, you could use a wine glass or candle stick – use your imagination!


  1. First, I set the items up to make sure everything lined up and fit well.
  2. I decided not to paint them, since they look great as-is and the designs on burner covers won’t be seen. But, if you want you can paint it!
  3. Next, I used e6000 glue to stick the larger burner cover onto the clear cake tray. Then, I glued the smaller burner cover onto one of the plastic plates.
  4. Then, I cut my wooden center to the size I wanted. I just eyeballed it, but if you have something specific you want to display on your stand, then use that to determine your measurements.
  5. Finally, I glued the center piece to the upper and lower tiers. 
  6. Be sure to check your work! I turned the tray 1/4 turn and looked to make sure everything lined up. Do this until you’ve turned it all the way around a few times, turning 1/4 turn, and adjusting until it all lines up and is centered.
  7. TIP: you can use hot glue to secure your pieces instantly and hold them in place while the e6000 craft glue dries. Otherwise, the e6000 craft glue will slide around, and things might not end up where you want them. Either way, allow the e6000 to dry for at least 24 hours for best results.


Pros: this farmhouse chic 2-tier stand is gorgeous! I’ve wanted one for a while, but couldn’t bring myself to pay $79 or $100 or more for a “real” one.

Creating something beautiful is fun and satisfying. Paying only $2 for it is our little secret!!

Cons: it’s not super sturdy, and won’t hold very heavy things. By reinforcing it, it’s better than something made only with the burner covers. But, if I wanted sturdy I could have done a few more things to make it stronger. For example, adhering a shim or spacer between the bottom burner cover and the clear plastic cake tray would make it more sturdy. The way it is now, there’s a space and the burner cover flexes slightly, making it a bit flimsy. I could also drill holes and add screws to the center (since I used something wood), in addition to glue.

In conclusion, this was a very quick and fun project. It gives a feeling of accomplishment in just a few minutes! It’s another way to decorate your home on the cheap. And, you can change up the contents throughout the year for summer, fall, winter and spring, or even holidays!

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